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NKC Entertainment District Gains Attention

August 2019

North Kansas City’s food and entertainment options are rapidly developing into a significant regional destination, but from the looks of things, the community may be just getting started.

Located along Armour, Swift and Clay streets, the area includes everything from the Screenland Armour theatre to Chicken and Pickle, a restaurant/entertainment concept. In-between are such diverse businesses as Callibration Brewery and Hawg Jaw Que & Brew.

A significant new element involves the RiverNorth group, a one-year-old collaboration of area business owners working to develop an image suitable for the growing area just minutes from Kansas City’s River Market, the Power & Light District and Crossroads Arts District.

Not long ago, mentioning North Kansas City in the same sentence with those older and larger areas would have been a stretch. With 10 years of growth that’s now accelerating almost daily, that’s changing.

Besides businesses that include an eclectic and popular center that features bicycles and beer, the area also has an expanding list of events. These range from the area-wide Second Saturdays to everything from live music and outdoor yoga at individual businesses.

Although area offerings are dramatic, a notable challenge involves getting the word out about this growing gem. As northlanders know, “southlanders” are often confused by anything north of the River. Although the RiverNorth area is barely a mile from Kansas City’s River Market, some seem to think of anything in the Northland as “just short of the Iowa border.” By working together, the entrepreneurial members of RiverNorth are fighting those perceptions and promoting this dynamic area.

Learning more about the RiverNorth District is easy by visitng their website or Facebook page. The Kansas City Business Journal also published a feature article on the area at this link.

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