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Big 4 Update: Tech Academy Adds Adult Students

October 2020

The KC Tech Academy has successfully launched its workforce training program for area school district students and is now adding programs for adults.

The EDC’s Strategic Plan Big 4 continues to move ahead.

One of the latest steps involves the KC Tech Academy, which recently opened its workforce training programs to adults.

For three years, KCTA has successfully focused on practical, hands-on training for K-12 students. Working with a growing list of Northland school district, the Academy trains students with the skills needed to be productive employees in some of the nation’s fastest growing industries. With fields like advanced manufacturing, the training is applicable in many of Clay County’s most dramatically expanding businesses as well as companies nationwide.

Academy Director Kim Palomarez said that while the current environment is challenging, responses have been positive. “These are tough times right now with COVID,” she noted. “We’ll be starting with virtual programs, but this really gives us a great recruiting tool for our industry partners.”

For students, the KCTA adult program is geared to learning both new skills and expanding existing ones. Among the areas featured are robotics, automation and electricity. Classes cover both the theory behind these skills and hands-on, practical application at the KCTA facility in Liberty.

The KCTA curriculum is structured by industry and led by a combination of professional educators and real world, subject-matter experts. The Academy’s vision is to be the most efficient creator of top skilled professionals, with the highest placement rate and with no debt to the student. The free classes are accomplished through collaboration with all levels of education and broad representation from industry.

Students can also look forward to finding career opportunities rapidly. Many employers in the KC Metro area are looking for candidates with skills taught at KCTA and the number is growing almost daily.

“This is an exciting time,” Palomarez said. “Adding adults is one of the big things we’ve had as a goal. It’s great to get started!”

For more information, visit or text "KCTech" to 816-496-1001.

Part of Clay County’s strategic plan through 2023, the Big 4 includes expansion of the KC Tech Academy in Liberty, the “587” project for high quality development surrounding I-435 and Highway 152; expansion of the University of Missouri Center for Excellence in Orthopedics at Liberty Hospital; and creation of 50 new businesses and 5,000 jobs, doubling growth targeted in the original, 2013 Strategic Imitative.

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