Services To Benefit
EDC Business Members

Business members of the Clay County Economic Development Council have access to a large range of free services: business brokerage, business plan creation, financial status evaluation and more.

Available immediately on this website, you can also learn more about:

Fixed-rate, low-interest, long-term loans.

Community organizations involved in economic development.

• Regional databases on buildings and sites as well as regional analytics.

Greater Kansas City business support services resources.

• EDC regional contacts for business services, assistance and other resources.

If you can't find what you are looking for, email or call (816) 468-4989.

Clay County, Missouri:

Where quality is developing by design.

For businesses looking at Clay County opportunities and those already here, the Clay County Economic Council is the best source of information for site selection and business assistance in the Kansas City Northland of Clay County, Missouri.

From small business loans to business services, the EDC and its members constantly seek to make Clay County a better place to live and do business. Collaborating with other area organizations, the EDC also promotes activities to enhance local quality of life and support other organizations in these efforts.

Clay County is among the fastest growing region's in Missouri with a diverse business and quality of life environment. Learn how you can join this success.

News & Updates

EDC Joins KC Sales Tax Opposition
A video helps explain why the EDC joined other groups opposing the 3/8-cent K.C. sales tax.

Strategic Initiative Meeting March 28
The EDC will begin a series of monthly meetings to update the Strategic Initiative.

State of the Cities Holds Surprises
The EDC luncheon Feb. 28 was full of dramatic developments throughout Clay County

Family Creates Small Business Saga – Tasty Thai has been a big part of the Northland and the EDC for near two decades. The entrepreneurial story is entering a new phase.