The Research Facility Task Force is among the focused groups operating within the EDC's Strategic Initiative.

EDC Strategic Initiative: Ensuring Quality for Clay County Growth

In 2013, the Clay County Economic Development Council created the Strategic Planning Initiative to develop a comprehensive strategy for Clay County growth. As noted by Co-Chairs Greg Canuteson and Jerry Nolte, “…the question is not if Clay County will grow, but how it will grow.”

The Initiative held a series of six forums throughout the county that targeted topics ranging from infrastructure to education. Throughout, input from members of the public and leaders in related industries presented information and asked questions.

From this input, the initiative identified several target efforts

  • help businesses compete worldwide
  • create an environment where businesses will succeed
  • ensure Clay County has the assets needed to succeed
  • drive economic development in the region.

The EDC formed several task forces to study and recommend action in several areas. These task forces include:

Research Facility Task Force
Tim Kristl, Chair
Increase university institutional presence
Attract and develop talented people
Create opportunities for technology transfer.

Quality of Life Task Force
Dave Mecklenburg, Chair
Address amenities like parks, trails, clean air and recreational opportunities.

Angel Investor Initiative
Tom Brusnahan, Chair
Developed to address the number one issue new companies need: Access to capital.

Health Care Task Force
Gary E. Zaborac, chair, and Mike West, facilitator.

Julie Sola, Harrah’s North Kansas City Casino & Hotel

Advanced Manufacturing
Tony Reinhart, Ford Motor Company Information Technology