Where We Are: Clay County is in the Heart of Everything
Regionally, Nationally and Internationally

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One of Clay County's most overwhelming strengths is its location.

Clay County is centrally located, both in the United States and in relation to metropolitan Kansas City. It sits astride an enviable nexus of transportation networks that is beneficial to residents and businesses.

Situated in the center of the United States, this dynamic region lies at the crossroads of several major interstate, rail and air transportation networks. Operations ranging from intermodal hubs, distribution centers to national and international headquarters find Clay County a perfect fit for their needs.

Clay County straddles the I-35 "NAFTA Superhighway" that connects Mexico and Canada. Clay County is also home to I-29, which with I-49 links the Canadian border with the Gulf at New Orleans.

Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport in Clay County is the "executive jet" hub of the region, situated in the shadow of Downtown Kansas City. Kansas City International Airport is minutes from any location in Clay County. The area is also near regional features such as the new Kansas City entertainment district, the Truman Sports Complex or worldclass shopping and recreation.